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Air conveying is a process by which a suitable material is sucked into an airstream at the point of collection and transported via a system of metal ducting to another location. During this transportation process, various other treatments to the material can take place by introducing different pieces of equipment, for example:

  • Chopper Fans for breaking up and conditioning material like shredded paper and cardboard,wood shavings etc. These types of fans can also be used to provide the suction required as well, thus making them dual purpose
  • Rotary Air & Dust Separators are used in many applications where there is a need to remove the air volume and dust from the material being processed prior to the finishing processes i.e. bagging, baling or bulk storage etc
  • Dust Collection & Bagging is an end of line process by which all the air is filtered and the dust particles are collected in easy to handle plastic bags. The collection systems which we use on our Wilki  MIDI and MAXI animal bedding systems are manufactured by Fercell a leading company in this field

A combination of all these items of equipment that we manufacture are used in our Wilki  MIDI and MAXI animal bedding systems often to process shredded cardboard and paper as well as wood shavings, tissue waste,tea bag paper and similar products for the Animal Bedding industry.


  • Chopper Fan
  • Rotary Air & Dust Separator
  • Dust Collection & Bagging
  • Ideal for Shredded Cardboard & Paper


  • Shredded Cardboard
  • Shredded Paper
  • Dust Extraction


  • Transport and removal of Product Dust and Air under negative pressure to give a clean dust free working environment.
  • Customised design to meet individual customers requirements.
  • Engineered solutions drawn in Solid Works 3D
  • Helps comply with the Environmental Protection and Pollution Prevention and control Acts.