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Our Wilki weighing conveyors are designed to carry out two functions. The first, to transport product from one point to another, and the second, to weigh the load on the conveyor belt. There is also a specially constructed collection hopper at the base of the conveyor, which also weighs the product. These conveyors are usually suspended on four weigh cells similar to the weigh hoppers.

We use a weighing conveyor on our MINI Compact Shredder-Baler System (see video), due to its simplicity, size and cost saving advantages. Wilki Engineering are able to design and manufacture bespoke weighing conveyors for any application.


  • Combines both weighing and conveying in one unit
  • Ideal for a businesses where height and space is a concern
  • Accurate and automatic weighing system
  • Programmable for varying materials and outputs


  • Pet industry
  • Recycling
  • Agriculture
  • Grain and Seed


  • Lower cost and compact design
  • Most standard belt conveyors can be converted
  • Digital readout display
  • Can easily be integrated into existing machinery via PLC.