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Wilki Engineering, manufacture of standard & bespoke shredding machines
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Wilki Engineering design and manufacture bespoke and standard belt  conveyors up to 10 metres long and 1.5 metres wide. Our standard conveyors are primarily designed for handling shredded paper and cardboard within one of our shredder-baler systems because of their simple construction and reliability. In addition we build material feeding conveyors hoppers and longer distance material moving conveyors. Our in house design service specialises in flat sorting conveyors for material recovery

  • Image 1 & 3 - These are our standard belt conveyors, primarily used in our animal bedding shredder-baler systems
  • Image 2 - Bespoke long distance conveyor, that can be used for many materials. Simple design and construction
  • Image 4 - This is a flat sorting conveyor. This would be designed to suit the application of the material and the needs of the customer
  • Image 5 - Conveyor hopper, which would usually be used to gradually feed a shredder for minimal human involvement

Most of our conveyors are bespoke and designed in house to fit the customers needs

  • Shredded Material
  • Material Recovery
  • Agriculture
  • Food Processing
  • Sorting Materials
  • Upto 10m Conveying

  • Reliable, Energy Efficient and Durable
  • Bespoke design service tailored to your needs
  • Safe and Easy to use