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A weigh hopper is an item of equipment that is required when there is a need to collect and accurately weigh a product prior to the next process. We primarily manufacture weigh hoppers for measuring shredded materials (see video), but also with the use of our in house design facility for many other applications. All weigh hoppers can be fed by gravity,belt conveyors, screw, vibratory feeders or air conveyors.


  • Hoppers are available at volumes from 50 litres to 250 litres
  • Material are measured in grams
  • Bomb drop door, with no material retaining surfaces
  • Frame is made to order for accurate positioning of the weigh hopper


  • Pet Food Industry
  • Food & Confectionery
  • Recycling
  • Agriculture
  • Grain & Seed


  • To give accurate control of product weight for bagging, baling etc.
  • No overfilling or wastage, saving money
  • Accurate weighing for Health and Safety requirements
  • Can be controlled by Pneumatics or Hydraulics depending on application
  • Digital readout display
  • Reliable bomb door release design for quick transfer of products